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On September 16, 2020 the Central Coast Leatherneck Honor Guard rendered it's 1,460th Military Honor Ceremony.


Full Military Honors were held at the Arroyo Grande District Cemetery for US Army Veteran Clyde Latzer. 


Members participating were (L to R) Jerry Boots, Budd Dressler, Gary Bolen, Betty Cook, Michael Salmon, and Carlos Gama.

Total expenses for a year are typically about $5,000 for Uniform Replacement, Blank Ammo, Rifle Maintenance, Office supplies, Telephone, Post office box, Insurance, and legal fees. The expense is covered with donations...thank you donors.

We always have the need for a few more Good Marines to join our Honor Guard!


    The Central Coast  Leatherneck Honor Guard  Board of Directors voted to not  take part as a unit in Patriotic Events in 2014, and  limit the number of Military Honor Ceremonies we do on Sunday's.  Through these measures we were able to meet the increasing number of requests for Military Honor Ceremonies from the families of veterans.


Cayucos School Flag Event, February 2017

The Cayucos School Flag Day program is an event for the students to learn about our American Flag. National Flag Day in June 14 however most schools are closed in June, so  Cayucos School holds their celebration to honor the American Flag in February each year. Joining the Central Coast Leatherneck Honor Guard was the Cayucos Lions Club and the San Luis Obispo White Caps Band.    

All the elementary students and many of their parents attended the program to learn about the American Flag. 

The Leatherneck Color Guard members presented and posted the Colors at the beginning of the program

Standing at attention during the Marine Hymn, L to R: A.Hurtado, Nick Guriel, Budd Dressler, Jay Riojas, Vic Dres, Jerry Boots, &
John O'Connell

Captain John O'Connell explained to the students the military tradition as how the burial flag is folded during a funeral of a member of military.

Following John's presentation members of the Honor Guard folded a flag and played taps for the students in the manor of a Military Funeral

Students of the fourth grade class did a skit that ended with them holding up cards to form the American Flag. 

At the end of the program the students came to the Leatherneck members and had them sign their programs
or the cards that they used to make the Flag.

Active duty Marines and Honor Guard members at the 1,000th ceremony on
May 3rd, 2014

Leatherneck Honor Guard members attending their annual election of Officers meeting January 22, 2014

Location was the Chapel of Roses Mortuary in Atascadero

Everyone is wearing our new jacket with the logo on the front



  Color Guard Dedication of the "Your American Heritage Monument" in Colony Square, Atascadero, CA July 2, 2013:

Flags (including the 13 star Betsy Ross Flag) being raised....and the final product after unveiling the plaques around the base
    Bronze Plaques: Reproduction of the Declaration of Independence; Highlights of the US Constitution; Revolutionary Soldiers carrying a wounded comrade from the battlefield; and a Dedication plaque with words from the Founding Fathers.



     Memorial Day, 2013: Los Osos Memorial Cemetery (Los Osos, CA)

Flag being delivered!

Flag at half staff

Present Arms

Rifle Salute


Marching Off


Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian's annual Armed Forces Day " Veteran of the Year recognition Ceremony ", May 18, 2013 at theVeterans Memorial Builing in San Luis Obispo: the California State Legislature presented a Certificate of Recognition to the Central Coast Leatherneck Honor Guard Organization for their outstanding efforts to provide Military Honor for veterans from all branches of service over the years.

Director John O'Connell receives award for
Central Coast Leatherneck Honor Guard members from Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian

The CCLHG Certificate of Recognition


Present Arms for our National Anthem

Jerry Boots ready to receive his award as the CCLHG Veteran of the Year for his service to the veteran community**

Group Members present as well as former member
Lt Col John Foldberg

     ** Jerry has been a member of the Central Coast leatherneck Honor Guard has since the year 2004 played Taps and military branch hymns at hundreds of veterans funerals and memorial services.

2013 Distinguished Veteran of the Year for the City of Atascadero:

Tom Torgerson was recognized by the Atascadero Veterans Memorial Foundation as the City of Atascadeo’s Distinguished Veteran of the Year for the year 2013 . He was presented his award on Veterans Day.

This was based on his military service during the Korean War where he received two purple hearts and his continuing service to the Veteran community with the Leatherneck Honor Guard.


Toys for Tots Golf Tournament Fund Raiser...Monarch Dunes Golf Resort in Nipomo on Sept 7, 2012:


Flag Folding

Ceremonial Flag presented to
Dana Cummings

Jerry Boots on trumpet

Tough Duty #1

Tough Duty #2

Veteran's Recognition Luncheon, the last to be hosted by Senator Blakeslee, San Luis Obispo, May 18, 2012:

California State Senator Blakeslee's last luncheon was to honor the 34 “ Fallen Soldiers” of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts from our area as our "Veterans of the Year". A personalized memorial resolution honoring each fallen soldier from these two conflicts was presented to their respective families (in attendance).  In continuing with his tradition, the Senator also honored our local veterans that have been recognized by each of the local participating veteran organizations. Nominees were presented with a Senate Resolution by the Senator and included 2 members of the Leatherneck Honor Guard:

The audience at the ceremony Color Guard at the opening Color Guard posting colors
John O'Connell accepting his award
John recommended by MCL680
Tom Torgerson accepting his award
Tom recommended by the
Central Coast Leatherneck Honor Guard
Tim Haley, Nick Guriel, John O'Connell, Tom Torgerson, Ray Bacon, and Bob Clark

Dear Central Coast Leatherneck Honor Guard

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the 5th. Annual Veterans Recognition Luncheon. I appreciate your willingness to take time out of your busy schedule to participate in the ceremony. Your contribution to the program made the event a big success!

Thank you for your partnering with me to promote a worthy cause and to recognize the contributions of our servicemen and women. I sincerely appreciate your continued commitment and support of our veteran's community. It has truly been a privilege to have worked with you on these events and I thank you for all that you do for our local veterans.

Sam Blakeslee

Katcho's Veterans Recognition Event, Lompoc, May 19, 2012:

Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian of the 33 rd Assembly District held a Ceremony to Honor Veterans and members of the Armed Forces at the Lompoc Veterans Memorial Hall .Receiving recognition for both their service to our Country and the Veteran community by the Assemblyman were John and Tom:

John O'Connell receiving his award   And Tom Torgerson receiving his

  Veterans Appreciation Luncheon, hosted by Senator Sam Blakeslee, San Luis Obispo May 20, 2011:


All members of MCL Detachment 680

Color Guard: Tim Haley, Rick Schimm, Robert Clark, Ray Bacon
Dana Cummings, Veteran of the Year, Senate District 15 (Amp Surf founder)
Karl Appel, Honor Guard Member
Lou Barnes, Toys for Tots Leadership
John Wolcott, Central Coast Veteran Museum (Foundation) - in memory
Dana & Karl with the Color Guard


State Senator Sam Blakeslee prepared a California State Resolution commending the Central Coast Leatherneck Honor Guard:

"Deserving of special public recognition and the highest commendation for its distinguished record of service
and immeasurable contributions to the the support of military veterans."

Nick receiving Resolution
Honor Guard Members with Resolution

Melissa James, district representative of Senator Blakeslee, presenting the resolution to President Nick Guriel 24 May, 2011


Some of the Honor Guard members with the resolution


     A Montage of Some Photos:

close up honor guard color guard karl appel speaking
In parade Raising Flag Rifle ready
Birthday ball cake Birthday Ball Cake 2 Marine with boy scouts
Flag folding with girl scouts Flag folding 2 Flag folding 3
obbie_flag_fold warbirds_service

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